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WorldEmber 2020

December 2020 is WorldEmber month on World Anvil, a motivational challenge to improve the quantity of worldbuilding material associated with a story world.  

Pledge Document


Wordcount Goal

  I plan to write 10,000 words in new articles supplementing the active stories of Mythoversal Hellas, Rage! and Amazons!, ending the year with an improved reference for readers and deeper worldbuilding for myself. This may be 20 articles or more about the people, places, and things of Mythoversal Hellas, all started and published during the month of December.  

Other Activity

  In addition to worldbuilding documentation, I'm committed to a release schedule of one new chapter of Rage! per week.  

Idea Pool

  The idea pool is open. I'll be adding to this table through the end of December and updating it with links to published articles. If you're interested in a character or topic related to either of the active stories, or some other aspect of Greek mythology, leave a comment below and I will consider adding it to my list.   The dice roller is for me to choose an article at random, if I'm looking for something to work on.  

Community Involvement

  This challenge is also an opportunity to connect with other creators who have an interest in building worlds for their own projects. I'll be leaving comments and giving feedback throughout December as well.   Are you planning to participate in WorldEmber 2020? Let me know your site!

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12 Nov, 2020 09:09

Looks like you've got some great ideas down!

Check out my worldbuilding in the dark fantasy world of Melior
Sage gfishbone
Greg R. Fishbone
12 Nov, 2020 11:04

Thanks, TJ. Your own list of ideas was very inspiring to me.

Greg R. Fishbone, Author in Residence at Mythoversal, is releasing his young adult mythic fantasy, BECOMING HERCULES, as a weekly serial on Kindle Vella. This diverse coming-of-age drama shares its ancient roots with the Percy Jackson series, Song of Achilles, and Lore Olympus.
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