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About Mythoversal

"Through retold myths, informational articles, and educational resources, Mythoversal seeks to foster a deeper understanding of traditional cultures, their impact on each other, and on the modern world."
— Mythoversal Mission Statement
Author in Residence: Greg R. Fishbone

Navigating the Website

  Mythoversal is styled like a wiki that you can explore at your own pace. Many tools are available to help you navigate. Each page contains a search bar in the header and an expandable table of contents icon on the left side that will follow you down the page.   Links may appear in line like this or as article blocks like this:  
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Generic article | Oct 11, 2020

Mythoversal's mission, content, and navigation.


The World Anvil Platform

  Mythoversal is built on the World Anvil platform of authorship and worldbuilding. If you're not a World Anvil member, you're not seeing the entire site. Registering for a free World Anvil account and being logged in will enable you to:  
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  • Customized Content

      As the site expands, belonging to a group will also allow you to view even more content:  
    Lesson Plans Educators and Parents will be able to access lesson plans to guide their students.
    Bonus Materials Patrons will be able to access bonus material as thanks for their support.
    Unpublished Work Staff will be able to see works in progress and to contribute their own materials.
    Mature Content Mature content and external links are only visible to logged-in World Anvil members who self-assign the "Mature" subscriber group, affirming that they are 13+ years old and, if under 18, are accessing the site with a guardian's permission.

    Earn Patron Bonuses

      Some material on Mythoveral may be reserved as a special thanks for Patrons of the site. Users who wish to support Mythoversal through an ongoing subscription can contribute to our Patreon Account to generate a code allowing enhanced access. Note: this feature has been deprecated until the site reaches an audience level capable of supporting patronage.  

    Join the Staff

      Want to add your voice, your understanding, and your energy to the Mythoversal site?   Submit a writing or artwork sample, or volunteer to help us expand our informational content.

    Mythic Verse

      Mythoversal publishes stories and free verse poems inspired by world mythologies, providing additional context through informative articles and sources.   Standalone poems can be found in the Short Takes category.

    Retold Myths

      The Mythoverse is an original and sometimes off-kilter universe of world mythologies. Within the Mythoverse is Mythoversal Hellas, a land inspired by Greek and Roman tales set in the Bronze Age Mycenaean culture.   The Mythoverse can support original student works that combine traditional chracters and setting in new and creative ways. Mythoversal's Resident Author, Greg R. Fishbone, is available for creative consultation and writing instruction.  

    Mythoversal Hellas

      Author in Residence Greg R. Fishbone is retelling stories of Greek mythology in serialized verse stories set in the realm of Mythoversal Hellas.  

    Tales from the Epic Mythoverse

    amazon cover.jpg
      For nine years, Agamemnon's army has besieged Priam's Troy. But as events in the Iliad wind down, a single javelin, blown off its mark, hurls Penthesileia and her Amazon companions against the balance of powers, into the Trojan War, and into Epic history.  
    The Penthesileiad
    Generic article | Oct 25, 2020

    Continuing from the end of The Iliad, an Amazon comes to Troy.

    Tales from the Mythoversal Theogony

    pandora mockup cover.jpg
      Mythoversal Pandora is too dangerous for mortal eyes, and has been hidden by the gods within a jar, within a box, within another box, within a shipping crate, within a website. The story can be opened, verse by verse, only by community members working together (or by a clever few puzzle-solvers working on their own).  
    Generic article | Sep 12, 2020

    How the gods first brought pain and suffering to mortal lives.

    Tales from Mythoversal Thebes

    Pyrrha of Thebes: The Runner
      In a time of miasma, a new hero will rise, running toward certain death!  
    The Runner
    Generic article | Sep 26, 2020

    In Ancient Thebes, a daughter of Creon has a fateful encounter.


    Educational Resources

      Some poems contain links to brief notes about the mythological subject matter referenced. These notes aren't meant to survey all aspects of mythology, but to help readers understand specific mythological references and cultural elements of the story. For poems in the Mythoverse, the notes may include differences between current usage and the traditional sources.  

    Educator Access

      Teachers, librarians, and school administrators may sign up for the Educator Subscriber Group to gain access to content to aid in their instruction of mythology.  

    Historical Notes

      Within some of the detailed notes are call-out boxes containing non-fiction notes connecting the world of mythology with actual history.

    Access Restrictions


    Age-Gated Content

      Although this site is designed to be an accessible resource for users of all ages, some mythology deals with mature subject matter that may be inappropriate to sensitive readers. Mature content and external links are only visible to logged-in World Anvil members who self-assign the "Mature" subscriber group, affirming that they are 13+ years old and, if under 18, are accessing the site with a guardian's permission.    


      Some content is hidden by default behind spoiler buttons. These can be used as a slow reveal of information, to prevent surprise story elements from being revealed too early, to clean up formatting, or to present warnings for potentially triggering content.   Example: The following spoiler contains a secret that King Midas's barber whispered into a hole in the ground, intending for it to remain unheard.  
    Show spoiler
    "King Midas has donkey ears!"
    King Midas ears Andrea Vaccaro König c1670.jpg
    König Midas (by 1670) by Andrea Vaccaro (1604-1670)
      Clicking on an open spoiler button will hide the spoiler again.  

    Triggering Content

      We want Mythoversal to be a safe site for all users. However, the fact is that classical mythology includes material that may revisit traumas upon certain members of the community. It would be impossible to anticipate every possible trigger for every possible user, but trigger warnings and age gates will be used for broad categories of content.   In articles, content warning buttons may hide sensitive content until a user elects to view it.   Example: The following warning is used to prevent community members from accidentally reliving the experience of watching the 2019 theatrical flop, Cats: The Musical.  
    Content Warning:
    Cats Musical
    Click to Expand
    "Up, up, up, up to the uncanny valley!"
    Taylor Swift in Cats (2019)
    Cats: The Musical (2019) by Universal Pictures
      In manuscripts, content warnings will appear at the top of any chapter containing major depictions of warfare or physical violence, while chapters containing depictions of sexual abuse, torture, or self-inflicted harm will be restricted to mature readers.

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