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  Due to the current global pandemic, many schools will be disrupted well into the 2020-2021 school year. Parents are increasingly looking for supplements to remote learning, and many school districts are scrambling to find online resources to support their students.   Furthering our mission to foster a deeper understanding of traditional cultures, their impact on each other, and on the modern world, MiV is developing mythology-based educational resources that respond to curriculum standards in these core areas:  
  • Art
  • History and Social Science
  • English Language Arts and Literacy
  • These materials are being developed as quickly as we are able, and will be released on an ongoing basis.  

    Available Courses

        More to come...  

    Self-Directed Study

      In this initial stage, resources are being gathered together to enable self-directed study, allowing students to progress at their own pace and to skip around based on their own interests.   Study can be guided by parents, learning coaches, or educators. Logged-in members of World Anvil who self-assign the Educator role will be able to access Educator Notes and other content to help guide their learners.  

    Study Pathways

      Pathways through each course are available in three Study Levels, based on depth and complexity:    
  • Basic - Quick and easy guides for elementary school students and up.
  • Intermediate - More details and intermediate concepts for middle school students and up.
  • Advanced - The highest level of detail and most advanced concepts for high school students and up.
  • These bands roughly correspond with elementary school, middle school, and high school academic expectations. However, they also correspond with how interested a student is in the topic of mythology.   An elementary student with a high reading level and deep interest in myths may prefer the Advanced level, while a high school student looking for a quick survey or refresher might prefer the Basic level.   Students logged into an account can belong to more than one level at a time, or can switch at any point to suit their needs. One account per student is recommended.  

    Educator Designation

      Parents, learning coaches, and educators logged into a World Anvil account can self-assign themselves to the Educator Designation, providing access to Educator Notes embedded in the curriculum material. This, in effect, transforms each lesson into its Educator's Edition.   The Educator Designation may also reveal suggested classroom activities, additional background on mythological sources, or suggestions to guide your students through the site.   Although not strictly required, we would appreciate if educators could complete the following form to give us a better idea of how you are using the site. This will allow us to tailor the content to be more useful in the future. We will not share your information with any third parties, and will only contact you if you give us permission to do so.  
    Online Form

    Mature Content Designation

      The Mature Content designation is a self-assigned tag allowing members to see content that may not be appropriate for younger audiences. The tag is available to logged-in members over the age of 18 (or over 13 with a guardian's permission).   Why this is necessary:   Incalculable works of mythology-themed artwork include tastefully nude figures. Many gods and heroes are notoriously frisky, sometimes with animals, and sometimes as animals. Some stories include cannibalism, including one particular Titan known for swallowing live babies. Some classical sources revel in detailed descriptions of battlefield injuries.   Any attempt to eliminate the depiction of human bodies and all reference to human sexuality, violence, blood, vore, and bestiality from the study of mythology would water down the subject into a tepid tea that no longer retains any of its original flavor.   At the same time:   We want this site to be a resource for everyone with an interest in mythology. Parents should be able to trust that these pages are safe for their children. Educators should be able to trust that materials are presented to advance learning objectives. Community members should have sufficient warnings to avoid sensitive topics they may find upsetting.   Therefore:   We are making every effort to include provocative material only when it serves an academic purpose, to place the most notorious content and external links behind an age-gate, to place potentially triggering content behind spoiler tags, and to provide Educator Notes to help parents, learning coaches, and educators guide their students through this material in the most responsible and age-appropriate manner.   Although the Mature Content designation is self-assigned, the age restriction on its use is covered by the terms of service that users agree to follow by using the site.

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