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Natives of Mythoversal Hellas

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The Achaeans, also known as the Danaans, are the collective name for the people of Mythoversal Hellas. They include the tribes that migrated from the north shortly after the Deluge, the tribes that were already in the land when they arrived, and the tribes that sprang from the land itself at some later time.  


  Notable tribes include:  
  • The Minyans of Orchomenus
  • The Myrmidons of Phthia
  • A Notable Exception

      Not all people or settlements in Hellas are regarded as Achaean. Mythoversal Thebes, founded as a Sidonian colony, traditionally maintained its independence from Mycenae. However, by the time of Becoming Hercules, Thebes has a large population of Boeotian peasants and a Corinthian king. The city trades with surrounding Achaean settlements but maintains a cool attitude and tenuous independence from Mycenae itself.  

    Called to War

      At the time of Rage!, the King of Mycenae has called in his markers and is leading a panhellenic army of Achaeans against King Priam’s Troy. However, Thebes is not represented in Agamemnon’s catalog of ships.

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