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Senior Gatekeeper of Ilion

  Abas is a member of the guard forces that maintain order within the City of Ilion when the army is out on the field.  


  Abas has a fun mustache.  


  In the objective world, Abas is in charge of two other guards and makes decisions about when to open and close a gate. In his own mind, Abas is one of the most important military thinkers in all of Troy and second, perhaps, only to Hector in his importance to protecting the city. Despite being a bachelor, Abas considers himself an expert in the roles and duties of women in their households and marriages. Despite having no children, Abas considers himself an expert in raising, educating, feeding, and caring for them.  

Military Role

  Although not an active member of the army, Abas has important role when posted to the Scaean Gate, which leads out to the Troad Plain. As the leader of a three-man unit required to open or close the gate, barring a direct order, Abas is the one responsible for deciding when and whether to open or close the gate.  

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Author's Notes

  Abas is one of the very few original characters I had to make up because I needed him for a scene but he wasn't originally part of the Posthomerica.

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