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Son of the Dawn

By gfishbone

47 0 0 0

From the Land of Aethiopis comes a hero born to Eos, the Titaness of Dawn, and his army of companions in support of the Trojan efforts.

A Few Good Elves

By SableAradia

1093 6 0 133218

[h3][center]Toy Soldier: A derogatory term for an elven marine.[/center][/h3] [i]Battles great and terrible, small and bitter, raged across Known Space as the wars of Elves and Orcs played out their legacy of hatred across the stars themselves. Epics would...

The Penthesileiad

By gfishbone

2417 18 3 65747

Directly following the [i]Iliad[/i], a tragically misthrown javelin brings Queen Penthesileia and her crew of Amazon warriors to the besieged city of Ilion and into the next stage of the Trojan War. The [i]Penthesileiad[/i] is a free verse adaptation of...

The New Frontier, Book 1, Resist!

By Kajetan

168 0 0 2842

Aliens invaded Earth and established a puppet government. However, not every human is willing to accept this new reality. They fight for freedom. One of them is Sophie Mazur, a young woman who at the start of her adulthood lost her parents to the puppet government....

Hope's End

By arty

846 15 1 19406

A handful of tankers are sent on a mission which they were told would be a guaranteed success. As more and more things go wrong however, the promise starts to crumble until there is only hope left... but even hope isn't infinite. (This novel is a WIP! Stay...

Commonwealth Planets: Shattered World

By Freeballs93

52 0 0 0

Commander Tracer and his crew aboard the Xiphos are tasked with finding who is responsible for the increasing attacks on commonwealth and EU shipping and planets in the Diores sector. As they slowly close in on these unknown raiders a larger threat begins...