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What We Lost

By User51

2857 4 2 4201

Not so long ago that no one remembers, and not so recent that everyone does. An audio script for five male voices.

The Rift

By 339X

12714 7 0 35000

Nash Vega and her brother, Jaymes, grew up during the Aten Rebellion. After losing their parents during the Great Battle the siblings are left alone on the barren desert planet. Left with very few allies, Nash and Jaymes survive on their own. After years of...

Heart Of Chocolate

By Twelve

8890 1 0 7294

Humans trying to colonize planet Shelder implant the local dinosaur-like fauna with A.I. chips to help domesticate them - what could go wrong?

Star Trek Adventures--A Star Beyond the Stars

By Ulaborn

1058 0 0 1051

In their first assignment, the Crew of the U.S.S. Quadrant must make contact with and recover the U.S.S. Alcubierre, a test-bed for a new type of warp drive, the crew will have an alien mystery to follow and investigate. While the Crew tackles the alien scheme...