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mature themes

The Last Star

By Moony1

168 0 0 6235

Through the peace and unity of his once beloved kingdom, a legendary king and hero emerged to reunite Great Britain. Yet, the tranquility was short-lived as terror descended upon his people, bringing an abrupt end to his reign. But the hero's tale did not...

Hidden Falls Mystery

By rubyodegee

103 0 0 9650

Speculative Cold Case Investigation & Nuerocyber Thriller [left]A killer committed two murders in the small town of Hidden Falls. Forty four years later Haydn Madsen started reworking a true crime novel he never finished. Haydn is in debt, recently divorced,...

The Garden That Burned

By TailorOfFates

3303 0 0 9881

In the year 1658 BN, a god in the Deorum pantheon discovered that the deities could not be slain outside of their respective realms. It was then surmised that with Eden being the mortal realm and the realm to which most gods were not bound, if a god were...

Blood of the Goddess Book I: The Locust King

By MJKeeler

2572 19 0 27553

NEW CHAPTERS EVERY FRIDAY The plateau of Adyll was born out of the sea, pushed up through tectonic pressures over a million years ago. To the east, beyond the cliffs where the capital city is located, lies a formidable desert which stretches for hundreds...

Ellium: Song in the Silence

By AurerianOverseer

6683 1 2 5893

Dark premonitions and nightmares held little weight to Lycena Aresborne. With the abrupt departure of her lover, she answers a summons by her father in his crusade into untamed territory. What she had thought to be a path to clear her wild spirit quickly...

Miracles of Arx Nubibus

By Mimi Kil

73784 9 0 95226

After the old world was wiped away, humanity took to the sky. They've lived in the city of Arx Nubibus for over 200 years now, and few think about the broken world outside Arx's pressurized environment. Joey Queen is a normal college student living in Arx...