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Mythological fantasy

The Last Star

By Moony1

172 0 0 6235

Through the peace and unity of his once beloved kingdom, a legendary king and hero emerged to reunite Great Britain. Yet, the tranquility was short-lived as terror descended upon his people, bringing an abrupt end to his reign. But the hero's tale did not...

Equilibrium of The Heavens

By LuciousTPK

266 0 0 1178

This is an experimental short story written in the style of a script for a lore scroll or animatic. It is mostly inspired from the shorts found within [i]Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel's[/i] story mode, but can also be taken as a script for a narrator as well. The intermission...

Myths of Korav

By DougisYourDM

391 1 0 585

Here you will find the diverse stories collected from across the Worlds of Korav, collected and edited by the renowned poet and raconteur, Flortex Fizzlehide.

The swan and the fox - the battle of the four kings

By Malagiso

2796 0 0 85570

In ancient times, the forest of Hercynia was inhabited by nymphs and satyrs, whose beauty was unmatched in the eyes of mortals, and it is said that Marfisa, daughter of the emperor, was no less. To the corners of the world news of this swan's beauty spreads,...