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"The Polyhymnia Conspiracy"

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The Grand Bargain
     between the realms
  uplifted the hairless apes
       and gave them art
     and gave them song
  and gave them story
       and gave them history
     and gave them society
  and gave them justice
     and gave them sport
       and gave them science
     and gave them belief
and made them human.

To each realm of thought,
     a Muse:
       Lyrical Euterpe,
          Historical Clio,
     Comedic Thalia,
       Tragic Melpomene,
          Kinetic Terpsichore,
     Lovestruck Erato,
       Scientific Urania,
          Epic Calliope,

     And Polyhmnia,
     who mediates the link
  between matter and spirit
       between profane and holy
  between nature and the supernatural

Invoked in the open
     as one of nine,
but contained,
  within the invocation
       within every invocation
     to every god
  providing definition and instruction
     to every god
       giving realms and powers
     to every god
  or, on a whim, taking them away.

In the myth
     she created about herself
     was a daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne,
and Zeus
     was the son of Kronos and Rhea,
and Kronos, Rhea, and Mnemosyne
     were the children of Ouranous and Gaia,
and Ouranous,
     was also a child of Gaia,
and Gaia
     was a child of Chaos
and Chaos
     was an invention of Polyhymnia.

Polyhymnia allowed Zeus had a good run
     atop Mount Olympus
     where she'd placed him
     after she'd named him
          for a sky god
     and allowed him
          to conquer the sky.

Polyhymnia coupled Zeus
     with many consorts.
She allowed Zeus
     many offspring:
more gods for humans to worship,
more heroes for humans to marvel at,
     until Polyhymnia grew bored.

She rebranded Zeus as Jupiter.
     She moved his base to Rome.
She inspired Ovid and Virgil
     and bought her creation
          a few more centuries
     at the top of the sky.

But eventually,
     Polyhymnia let Zeus fade
          and replaced him
     with other deities
          that she created
     working behind the scenes
     in plain sight
          as an angel
          or a tree
          or a serpent
          or a ghost.

Greg R. Fishbone
July 2020

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