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"The Pella Curse Tablet"

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A message,
     entrusted to the spirit of Markon
          (recently deceased),
     to the infernal daimones of the Underworld:

Heed you now this prayer
     that a woman named Thetima
          (and all other women,
          including widows and maidens,
          but most especially Thetima)
     should be prevented by all possible means
     from marrying a man named Dionysophon,

with the proviso that said Dionysophon
     should instead fall in love
     with a woman named Dagina,
          who surely deserves better
          than her miserable and lonely life,

and that said Dionysophon and said Dagina
     should themselves be married,
and that their marriage
     should be blessed with happiness,

and that they should grow old together,

and that said Dionysophon
     should never desire any other woman,

and that said Thetima
     should suffer a painful death
          very, very soon,

Greg R. Fishbone
July 2020

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