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"Goddess of the Lockdown"

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Hestia declares herself
     the goddess of the lockdown
          of game nights
          of distance learning
          of amateur haircuts
          of Netflix,
             and Google Meets.

Hestia declares herself
     the goddess of home delivery.
A bit unclear on the concept,
     Hestia yokes an Amazon to her chariot.

Hestia declares herself
     the goddess of the hearth.
          after all these millennia.
"Show me your hearth!" she demands.
"Or your breakfast nook, if you must."

Hestia disdains the microwave.

She follows her nose
     for the first time in weeks.
Fresh air and sunshine
     aren't her style.
But Hestia smiles
     at the vinyl-wrapped propane grill.

     her father's Aegis on one arm,
     looks on in envy.
Grey-eyed Tritonia
     carries a stack of thunderbolts
          more than any storm,
     the gods love a good barbecue

          and only Hestia

     is ever allowed

          to wield Zeus's spatula.

Greg R. Fishbone
May 2020

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