9. "The Embassy at the Tomb"

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Centering Swift-Footed Achilles,
Warrior Prince of Phthia:

I wait 
     for the embassy to dissolve,
     for Agamemnon's lackeys
          to acknowledge the futility of their efforts.
The others remain
     and wait for me.
          But how could they do otherwise?
          Nine years camped on the Troad plain
               have counseled them on patience.

     I sigh.
"How fares the war?"

"There is no war,"
     Big Ajax starts,
          to an immediate interruption.

"And this is why we've come!"

Like warriors marching
     through difficult terrain
     on a tentative approach
     to some distant battlefield,
Odysseus's words
          shove Ajax aside,
     search for an opening,
     and crawl
          into my ears.

"Consider the Trojans without Hector.
     They lack soul.
     They lack spirit.
          They foray into the field
          only to defend their walls.
     They are as cattle,
          trembling at the edge of a field,
          fearing the approach of a fierce lion.
     the Achaeans are equally uninspired
          without you.

Only Achilles,
     astride a rushing chariot,
     resplendent in peerless armor,
     bearing a gleaming god-made shield,
can inspire our host
     to victory.
You would rout our demoralized foes!
You would take the city's riches
     and return in glory to your home."

"I am home,"
     I state.
"This tomb shall be my home,
     soon enough,
     and I will know no other."


* The Kypria
* The Iliad
* The Posthomerica
* Tales of Nostos
* The Odyssey
* The Telegony
* The Aeneid
  Rage is the first book of the Iliad. Amazons is the first book of the Posthomerica.

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