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"I Imagine Androkleia"

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I run,
     with my immortal escort,
     into the Ward of Chthonius,
         the walls that house
         the highest born of Spartoi-spawn,
     or so they consider themselves.
     Hermes looks around,
         as a man might look
     at a city built by clever mice.
We approach a headhouse of high balconies,
     each hung with a deep purple broadcloth.
     the eldest daughter of Lord Antipoinus,
holds court from those imposing heights.
Witness smug Androkleia's grin,
     Androkleia's eyes,
Androkleia's jaw,
         as I run past
         at the elbow of a god.
         But these sights
     only exist
in my mind.
On this singular morning,
     Androkleia's perch stands empty.


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