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"Toward the Graveyard of Humanity"

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The alley twists
     into a daydream landscape.
Impossibly tall buildings
     all around us.
     at odd angles.
Some have crumbled
         to reveal
     twisted metal skeletons.
Hermes guides an elder woman
     by her elbow
     past rows of rusted metal chariots.
Her bare footsteps
     through the rubble
     bring agonized winces
         to my lips.
Sallow-skinned daimones
     with sunken eyes
     singing a lament.
"Even my chores will end,"
     Hermes states.
         To them?
         To her?
         To me?
     when the last mortal
     surrenders her last breath
     and shuffles
     toward the graveyard of humanity,
then, I will be at rest."
My eyes reopen
     on the familiar streets of Thebes.
Except for the shivers.
     I carried a mild chill
         into the dream.
     Bone-biting ice
         followed me home.


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