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Kliwe's WorldEmber 2019
47 of 0 prompts completed

Kliwe Progress Report


The ever changing deity of creation and the afterlife

108 words


Condition where a living elf has lost their soul

281 words

Aena Adrona

Leader of the Ecarian Empire

183 words

The Errean

People living in the west of Ecari

103 words

The Paeko

People living in the east of Ecari

158 words

Free People of Paeko

Nomadic elf tribes in the east

152 words

The Ecarian Empire

Theocratic matriarchal monarchy in the west

212 words

City State of Icheros

Plutocracy in the south of Ecari

115 words

The Icherosan

151 words


Dominant sentient species of Ecari

223 words

The Void

The god of nothingness and nonexistance

161 words


A harsh landscape in the south of Ecari

84 words


Local dialect spoken by Icherians

76 words


The capital of Icheros

268 words

Creed of Legias

Religion worshipping Legias in the Empire and Icheros

135 words


The lone continent of the world

133 words

Free Lands of Paeko

A jungle landscape in the east

146 words


The afterlife and plane of Legias

123 words

Dark Elvish

Dialect spoken by the Paeko

87 words


Dialect spoken by the Errean

97 words


The grasslands in the west and center of Ecari

112 words


Capital of the Ecarian Empire

186 words


Capital of the Free People of Paeko

92 words

Legias Animism

Religion worshipping Legias by the Paeko

219 words

Lowe Family

Wealthiest family in Icheros

94 words


Condition where a person has two souls

227 words


God of fire and destruction

83 words


God of Decay

194 words


Tradition of wearing masks to cover one's soul

564 words

Caeda Beetles

Sturdy mounts of Ecari

178 words


Magic specialising in the essences of life and death

197 words

Character Limitations

Details regarding character creation in Ecari

366 words


Mystical art focusing on souls and spirits

113 words

The Pantheon

Gods of Ecari

309 words

Soul Colours

Examples and beliefs around soul colours

284 words

Expanded Weapons

List of additional (exotic) weapons and rules

2079 words

Character Creation

How-To explaining character creation step by step

5578 words

Syndra Adrona

Late leader of the Ecarian Empire

194 words

Uurba Ser

The largest river of Ecari

102 words

The Jagged Keep

Tavern and Inn in Lyraghei

157 words

Kliwe Progress so far

14324 words 143.24% completed!

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