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Becoming Hercules

  Before becoming history’s greatest strongman, Hercules started out as the disgraced daughter of a powerful merchant. In seven-gated Thebes, they gathered their first allies, redeemed their honor, and saved their kingdom, discovering their true identity along the way.   Becoming Hercules restores an origin story that’s been all but erased from the official record.   Preview chapters are currently available to Mythoversal Newsletter subscribers in advance of serialized publication through Kindle Vella.  
Becoming Hercules
Generic article | Apr 17, 2021

The Hercules origin story they didn’t want you to know.



Rage! (Iliad I)

  Nine years into the siege of Troy, the greatest Achaean warrior, Achilles, is sidelined by rage and resentment following a conflict with his commander, Agamemnon. This short but intense phase of warfare leads to devastating losses on both sides, conflict among the gods, and great tragedy on a human level.   Rage! by Greg R. Fishbone is a disruptive retelling of Homer's Iliad, restoring diversity, inclusion, and equity to a three-thousand-year-old Greek Epic tradition.   While the manuscript is in the drafting stage, new installments will be released every Sunday for free public review. Posted chapters are prone to additional editing, and your feedback will help shape the published edition.  
Generic article | Apr 18, 2021

RAGE is a disruptive retelling of Homer's Iliad.





  Directly following the last book of the Iliad comes the equally ancient and traditional next chapter. As the Trojans bury their Prince Hector and Achilles mourns his Patroclus, a tragically misthrown javelin brings Queen Penthesileia and her crew of Amazon warriors to the besieged city of Ilion and into the next stage of the Trojan War.   Amazons! by Greg R. Fishbone is a disruptive retelling of an ancient tale of love and war that developed alongside the Iliad and Odyssey in the Greek Epic tradition.   The completed manuscript is being edited for a scheduled Fall 2021 release in paperback and ebook formats. The Public Preview chapters will remain available on this site, plus Bonus Chapters for subscribers of the free Mythoversal Newsletter.  
Generic article | Mar 14, 2021

Continuing from the end of the Iliad, an Amazon comes to Troy.



Poetry! (Mythic Verse, Vol. 1)

  Short takes and one-off poems on mythological topics. Some may be based on puns. Some may be based on modern pop culture. Some may reference current events.  
Generic article | Nov 20, 2020



Prose! (Mythic Essay, Vol. 1)

  Essays and short stories on mythological topics. Some are scholarly. Some are goofy fun. Some may tie into pop culture or current events.  
Generic article | Dec 15, 2020

Cover image: "Jupiter Pluvius" (1819) by Joseph Gandy (1771-1843)
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