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Write about a food-focused event in your world and describe how it's celebrated.
— Ritual

The Hecatite Cheesecake Festival

  In Mythoversal Hellas, The Followers of Hecate are a secret bunch who, most of the time, are engage in the serious business of worshiping Hecate, such as performing acts of witchcraft, calling the Moon-Chariot of Selene down from the sky, weaving cloth, secretly running things behind the scenes, and avoiding the authorities.   But sometimes, even the most serious Hecatite needs to wind down and have a rip-roaring good time. And since there are so many cauldrons around, and since there needs to be a good cover story, and since many Followers have families to feed, and since even Hecate and the Lieutenants of Hades enjoy a good cheesecake, the chosen theme is focused on food.   During this three-day festival, many cheesecakes are produced, enchanted, and consumed. The Hecatite cheesecake activities coincide with and are mostly covered by a simultaneous cheesecake festival among the general non-magical population.  

Start of the Event

  At the tail end of summer, on the night before the first day of the festival, when the Moon-Chariot rises low on the horizon, full and round with a yellow-orange hue, the High Priestess of Hecate calls down the Cheesecake Moon in a ritual to supercharge all the cauldrons of the city.  

Day One

  The focus of Day One is on baking. And on spying on other contestants to steal their secret family recipes. And on competition for rare ingredients necessary for desired effects. And on mischief. A popular pastime among the Hecatite is in finding ways to enchant the cheesecakes of non-Hecatites.  

Day Two

  The focus of Day Two is judging. Biggest cheesecake, smallest cheesecake, tastiest cheesecake, most exemplary cheesecake, most combustible cheesecake, most transformative cheesecake, most kinetic cheesecake, and most innovative cheesecake are all popular categories, with some being reserved for Hecatite contestants in private ceremonies.  

Day Three

  The focus of Day Three is on eating. And on warfare. Mass-quantities of cheesecake, generally of the non-enchanted variety, are produced, eaten, and thrown. This is a day when the menfolk of the city are particularly involved, with prizes awarded for the most cheesecake eaten in a limited time and for the team that best survives the cheesecake-throwing war that rages through the streets.  

The Aftermath

  The focus of the Aftermath is cleaning up. Enough said.

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