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  As Mythoversal transitions from a one-man shop into a community resource, we are looking for enthusiastic helpers with a passion for mythology and storytelling.   Initially, we will need Researchers to help build resources of real-world mythology, Gods of Development to build out an interlinked group of Mythoversal Realms, Bards to create stories set in those worlds, and Town Criers to spread the word among the masses.   But until the Realms have fully coalesced from the chaos of creation, the staff is starting with just me.  


Greg R. Fishbone
Head of Research
Your Name Here
Use your knowledge
  We are not an encyclopedia. We are not a university. We're a place where mythology can be taken from dusty old books and reassembled into new and exciting forms. Researchers will create and maintain a Codex of the source data from which our Mythoversal versions are built, a reference for writers as well as for readers who long to know more.  

Gods of Development

Greg R. Fishbone
Head of Development
Your Name Here
Use your organizational skills
  This team will build Mythoversal Realms, unique interlinked versions of traditional mythology settings. Where ancient sources differ, this team will decide between them--or find a third way that unites opposing schools of thought. Where timelines are vague or impossible, this team will impose linear order. Where realms overlap, this team will determine how passage works from one to another.  


Greg R. Fishbone
Author in Residence
Your Name Here
Use your creativity
  Authors and poets, yes, but also artists and game designers can use the established settings or strike out on their own within the oeuvre of Mythoversal Realms.  

Town Criers

Greg R. Fishbone
Social Media Architect
Your Name Here
Use your voice
  This team will help spread the word about the Mythoversal project among social media users and appropriate communities.  

Collaborators Wanted, All Mythologies

  If you fit one of the above categories and want to add your voices and help to advance our mission, fill out the form below. Knowledge of any world mythology is a big plus, but your enthusiasm and willingness to learn are just as important.   Thanks for your consideration.  
--Greg R. Fishbone, Bearer of the Aegis

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