Pyrrha (PEER-rah)

A Dragon-Blooded Maiden of Prophecy

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Pyrrha Creonide (she/her)

Pyrrha is a noble-born, Spartoi-descended maiden in the kingdom and city of Thebes. She is a main character in Becoming Hercules, first appearing between at ages 10 and 14.  


  Pyrrha is a daughter of Creon and Eurydike and a member of the Bronze Oikos of Tribe Echion, one of five noble houses descended from Spartoi founders. She is the second-born of three daughters and fourth-born of six children overall.   Of her siblings, Pyrrha is closest to her one-year-younger brother, Lykomedes, and five-year-younger sister, Henioche. She and Lykomedes will often drag each other into trouble-making schemes with Henioche tagging along.   Pyrrha, as the elder and more mature member of the pair, considers it her duty to keep Lykomedes out of trouble. But once things start going badly, she’s in the middle of the madness. Pyrrha is often shadowed by Henioche, who adores her and will not willingly leave her side. Pyrrha will admit to being jealous of her four-year-elder sister, Megara, for her natural beauty and quiet demeanor.   Pyrrha’s paternal aunt, Jocasta, is the Queen of Thebes, having married into two successive dynasties. Because Pyrrha’s connection to the throne is by marriage rather than blood, she and her family are not considered royalty themselves.  


  The metallic bronze skin that runs through Tribe Echion is strongly expressed in Pyrrha, along with draconic green eyes and reptilian scales that run along her jawline. Her hair is a fiery shade of red.  


  Pyrrha believes herself to be destined for a life of power and royalty, due to a prophecy linking her to a legendary Queen of Orchomenus. However, in contrast to the regal image she imagines for her future self, she enjoys being a rough-and-tumble tomboy for as long as she can. She is also quick to anger, and must struggle to suppress emotions that might unleash her dragon heritage.  


  Pyrrha’s family are descendants of Echion, one of the Spartoi warriors who hatched from dragon’s teeth sown into the sacred field in the Theban uplands. They also descend from Pentheus, the only Spartoi descendant to serve as King of Thebes.

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