Pyrrha was a descendant of Echion, one of the Spartoi warriors who hatched from dragon's teeth sown into a sacred field. Pyrrha's father was Creon, who served for a time as the King of Thebes. One of Pyrrha's sisters, Megara, would marry some dude named Heracles, who would go on to perform a number of heroic deeds. Pyrrha's uncle was Oedipus, who was also a rather infamous figure in myth.  

Pyrrha in Mythology

  Pyrrha must have been important to the City of Thebes. We get a tantalizing glimpse of this from the writings of a 2nd Century travel writer. Pausanias visited Thebes and described statues of Pyrrha and one of her sisters in a prominent spot on the Acropolis, just outside the Temple of Apollo, as evidence of her fame and hero cult status.   Unfortunately, Pyrrha's story has since been entirely lost to history and to us, and must be reconstructed by the clues she left behind.

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