Lykomedes (lai-koh-MEE-deez)

Pyrrha’s Younger Brother

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Lykomedes Creonide (he/his)

Lykomedes is a noble-born, Spartoi-descended boy in the kingdom and city of Thebes. He is a supporting character in Becoming Hercules, first appearing between at age 9.  


  Lykomedes is a son of Creon and Eurydike and a member of the Bronze Oikos of Tribe Echion, one of five noble houses descended from Spartoi founders. He is the third-born of three sons and fifth-born of six children overall.   Of his siblings, Lykomedes is closest to his one-year-older sister, Pyrrha, and four-year-younger sister, Henioche. He and Pyrrha will often drag each other into trouble-making schemes with Henioche tagging along.   Lykomedes’s paternal aunt, Jocasta, is the Queen of Thebes, having married into two successive dynasties. Because Lykomedes’s connection to the throne is by marriage rather than blood, his family are not considered royalty themselves.  


  The metallic bronze skin that runs through Tribe Echion is strongly expressed in Lykomedes, along with red draconic eyes. His reptilian scales that run under his eyes. Her hair is dark brown.  


  Lykomedes has better control over his draconic abilities than Pyrrha, but less control over his own impulses. He is superstitious, especially when it comes to the paranormal and supernatural. As a third-born son, he expects to inherit no titles or lands but will settle for a life of comfort within the oikos after it passes to one of his older brothers. As a result, he is far more laid back than any of his siblings, content to let life wash over him.  


  Lykomedes’s family are descendants of Echion, one of the Spartoi warriors who hatched from dragon’s teeth sown into the sacred field in the Theban uplands. They also descend from Pentheus, the only Spartoi descendant to serve as King of Thebes.

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Mythology of Origin
Home Realm
Hellas, Crete, Scythia, Troad
Greek Name
Name (meaning)
Year of Birth
937 4th Age 13 Years old


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