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Iphicles is a young soldier in the kingdom and city of Thebes. He is a main character in Becoming Hercules, appearing between the ages 15 and 17.  
COTW Iphicles


  Iphicles is the eldest son of General Amphitryon of the Theban Army and Alcmene, an exiled princess of Mycenae and Tiryns. He is the eldest of two sons in a family that has no daughters.   Iphicles is close to his brother, Laonomus, and protective of him, though Laonomus is larger than himself. Iphicles respects and admires his father for being a skilled warrior, but disagrees with him on tactics and on theories of delegation and democratization among an army’s staff.  


  Dark skin, dark eyes, and wavy hair express Iphicles's East African ancestry, but his most prominent feature is an elfin stature that makes him appear childlike even into his late teens.  


  Iphicles is able to process and integrate new information with prodigious efficiency. He is a natural tactician, and often finds himself assessing and reassessing other people’s traits and qualities without actively thinking about it. His speech and actions are calculated, but he is honest among those he trusts and has no hidden agenda.  

Religious Practice

  Iphicles has no place in his life for gods and supernatural forces that he can’t register with his own senses, but will go through the motions of his culture’s religious practices to avoid drawing attention to what his intellectual eccentricities. As both a soldier and a scholar, he’d consider Athena to be his patron if he were ever forced to choose one.  

Fighting Style

  Iphicles is fast and skilled, relying on speed to stay away from enemies with greater reach while being able to strike with accuracy and more force than his size would indicate. His own assessment is that he trains hard enough to fight well enough to build a reputation strong enough that he can avoid any fights he can’t win.  


  Through both sides of his family, Iphicles descends from the heroic stock of Perseus and the royal family of Aethiopia, although a scandal in his father’s past has stripped Amphitryon’s descendants of any royal status or claims.

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Year of Birth
933 4th Age 17 Years old
Black and wavy


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