Echion in Mythology

  Echion was one of the original fifty Spartoi who sprouted from dragon's teeth sown into a sacred field by Cadmus. Each tooth became a warrior, fully armed and armored. These fifty of these Spartoi then fought among themselves, as newborn warriors do, until only five remained.   Echion and the other Spartoi survivors swore allegiance to Cadmus and became the first defenders of his newly-founded city. Their descendants formed a class of elites within Theban society: five tribes of Spartoi-spawn who contend with each other for influence.   The shrine at Echion's Gate reflects Echion's status as the patron of an entire neighborhood in the Upper City. Pyrrha's family and household traces its roots directly back to Echion, as the foundational ancestor of her father's line.

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Referenced In
"The Only Sounds in All of Thebes" (PoT 1:2), "A Prayer to Echion" (PoT 1:3), "During the Battle of Fifty Brothers" (PoT 1:7)

Cover image: "Jupiter Pluvius" (1819) by Joseph Gandy (1771-1843)
Character Portrait image: Detail from "Cadmos and Minerva" by Jacob Jordaens (1593-1678)


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