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Becoming Hercules is a diverse coming-of-age serial that brings Greek mythology back to its multicultural roots.  

Main Characters

  Pyrrha is a child of prophecy who struggles with supernatural forces in a bid to control her own destiny.   Alkis is a daughter of wealth and privilege who must start over at the bottom after losing everything she’s ever had.   Iphicles, Son of Amphitryon, is an ambitious young soldier who seeks to revolutionize his father’s army.  

Supporting Cast

  Becoming Hercules is told as a series of episodic stories that advance a common plot.   Listed by story of introduction and order of appearance:  


Episodes 1-3
  • Lykomedes, Younger Brother to Pyrrha
  • Henioche, Younger Sister to Pyrrha


    Episodes 4-5
  • Trade Minister Antipoine, First Mother to Alkis
  • Lady Sidonis, Second Mother to Alkis
  • Androkleia, Younger Sister to Alkis
  • Megareus, Grandfather to Pyrrha
  • Megara, Older Sister to Pyrrha


    Episodes 6-12
  • General Amphytrion, Father to Iphicles
  • Laonomus, Brother to Iphicles
  • Alcmene, Mother to Iphicles
  • First Minister Creon, Father to Pyrrha
  • Haimon, Brother to Pyrrha
  • Menoikeus, Brother to Pyrrha
  • Princess Antigone of Thebes
  • Prince Eteocles of Thebes
  • Prince Polynikes of Thebes
  • Queen Iocaste of Thebes
  • The Man in Gray

    “THAT BOY”

    Episodes 13-15
  • The Mainads, Followers of Dionysus
  • Animals with Personality

  • The Guardian, a Bull
  • Galanthis, a House-Weasel
  • Puss, a Cat


  • Persephone, Goddess of Resurrection


  • The Minyan Ambassador
  • Tiresias, a Seer
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