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Becoming Hercules

Middle-Grade/YA Mythic Fantasy
an ongoing weekly serial on Kindle Vella


  Becoming Hercules is a diverse, coming-of-age mythic fantasy for ages 10 and up from author Greg R. Fishbone.   Launched on the beta version of Amazon's Kindle Vella platform in July 2021, this ongoing weekly serial is bringing Greek mythology back to its multicultural roots.  


  Becoming Hercules weaves well-known Theban Cycle myths with lost stories that are only hinted at in classical sources, twisting events in unexpected directions while following the Mythoversal mission of restoring diversity and inclusion to mythology.  


  Readers in the United States can access Becoming Hercules on the Kindle app for iOS and through the website.   Because Amazon has territory-gated its Kindle Vella service while the site is in beta, readers outside the United States must use a VPN service to establish a virtual presence within the United States.   A planned service from Mythoversal will expand access to readers worldwide and to those who wish to bypass Amazon and other corporate middlemen entirely.  

The Plot

  Pyrrha's ancestor hatched from a dragon's tooth. Iphicles is a soldier of Ethiopian heritage. Alkis is a girl with the strength of ten men. In Mythoversal Thebes, they will confront ancient mysteries, defend their home from monsters, and chase forbidden dreams.   Becoming Hercules is written in arcs made up of short episodes. Each arc focuses on a single character's point of view while driving the overall story forward.   The first story arc, "The Seventh Seed," focuses on Pyrrha and is contained in the three free episodes available on Kindle Vella.   The second story arc, "Nonchalant Blinking," focuses on Alkis and is contained in Episodes 4-5.   The third story arc, "Reviewing the Troops," focuses on Iphicles and is contained in Episodes 6-11.  


  The multicultural city of Mythoversal Thebes is home to gods, heroes, monsters, and just plain folks.  
BH Characters
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The Characters of Becoming Hercules



  In Greek mythology, the Theban Cycle is a collection of stories set in Boeotian Thebes during the Cadmeian Dynasty. The versions of these stories that would have been told in ancient Thebes have mostly been lost to us. Instead, we have the more prominent works of Athenian playwrights, who used a twisted version of Thebes as a socially acceptable stand-in for Athens, allowing cover for coded criticism of Athens, its culture, and its rulers.   Mythoversal Thebes is a speculative reconstruction of the Theban Cycle based on existing sources, modern archaeology, and a whole lot of wild imagination.  
BH Backstory
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The story before the story starts


Latest News

  Becoming Hercules is a Kindle Vella Top-Faved pick for Mythology and Historical, and made the overall Top Faved monthly list for July 2021!
  Read three free episodes now, redeem Vella Tokens to binge more, and look for new episodes to drop every Monday.

More to Come

  Future updates to this reader resource site are planned.  

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Becoming Hercules
Season 1
”The Seventh Seed”
“Disgrace and Decline”
“Reviewing the Troops”
In Progress


Author's Notes

Sage gfishbone

Greg R. Fishbone
Greg R. Fishbone, Author in Residence at Mythoversal, is releasing his young adult mythic fantasy, BECOMING HERCULES, as a weekly serial on Kindle Vella. This diverse coming-of-age drama shares its ancient roots with the Percy Jackson series, Song of Achilles, and Lore Olympus.

  This story was originally written in prose, but it felt so much like poetry that I had to express it in a different format. Thanks for putting up with my experimentation, and let me know what you think!

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