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Alkis is a Spartoi maiden in the kingdom and city of Thebes. She is a main character in Becoming Hercules, appearing between the ages 15 and 17.  


  At the start of the story, Alkis is the eldest daughter of Theban Trade Minister Antipoine and Lady Sidonis. She refers to Antipoine as her First Mother and Sidonis as her Second Mother, as does her younger sister, Androkleia.   In contrast with Androkleia, Alkis refuses to bow to her First Mother’s control and seeks to exert her own opinions and autonomy.  


  Alkis, as with many of the Spartoi descendants, lacks the metallic skin and draconic features that mark some prominent Spartoi-spawn. She is, however, exceptionally tall and strong, and points to this as evidence of her draconic heritage.  


  Alkis has an independent spirit.  

Religious Practice

  Alkis grew up in a household where Hermes was the patron, and where Chthonius was worshiped as an ancestral spirit.  


  Alkis was never told who her biological father is or whether Antipoine or Sidonis is her biological mother. If through Antipoine, she would be a descendant of Chthonius, one of the five surviving Spartoi warriors grown from dragon’s teeth. If through Sidonis, she would be of Sidonian heritage, with ancestors arriving in Thebes in the entourage of Cadmus the Founder. In the absence of true knowledge, Alkis holds both groups to be part of her makeup.

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Mythology of Origin
Year of Birth
933 4th Age 17 Years old


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