Mythoversal Restoring inclusion, diversity, and equity to classical texts.

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Mythoversal is restoring inclusion, diversity, and equity to classical texts by broadening representation, amplifying marginalized characters, restoring traditions erased by centuries of gatekeeping, and reconnecting modern readers to ancient tales.


Coming mid to late July
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  Becoming Hercules by Greg R. Fishbone focuses on lesser-known characters of Greek mythology and restores ancient stories that have been erased from the canon.

On Hiatus
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  Rage! by Greg R. Fishbone is a disruptive retelling of Homer's Iliad, restoring diversity, inclusion, and equity to a three-thousand-year-old Greek Epic tradition.

In Development
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  Amazons! by Greg R. Fishbone is a disruptive retelling of an ancient tale of love and war that developed alongside the Iliad and Odyssey in the Greek Epic tradition.

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Greg R. Fishbone
Greg R. Fishbone, Author in Residence at Mythoversal, is the former publisher of Mythic Heroes magazine and author of fantasy and sci-fi books for young readers. He is currently presenting disrupted retellings of the Iliad and Posthomerica, and the upcoming serial, Becoming Hercules, fiction set in Mythoversal Thebes.

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